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Walks and Trails in and around Bedale

One way to enjoy Bedale's charm is to take a walk following one of a range of trails from one to four and a half miles long. Leaflets are available from the Tourist Information Centre.

The Heritage Trail is one of the best ways to understand the town's history, taking in all the historic buildings including the Palladian Bedale Hall, the noted church and many of Bedale's elegant Georgian buildings.

More rural walks display the area's natural beauty. One of the most popular is the Bedale Beckside Footpath which follows the beck past the weir to what is known locally as the Harbour. Originally built as a canal basin, it is a wildlife haven.

On the way, don't miss the Leech House. The only one of its kind, this Georgian building was used by the local apothecary for storing leeches for medical use. None remain and the surrounding field is a popular picnic spot.



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It's a fact

In the 1800s Bedale was renowned for its hatmakers and its bonnets were sought out by the aristocracy

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